"Who wants to be a millionaire?"




There will, no doubt, be those who read this that will think I have gone off the

deep end. Trust me....nothing could be further from the truth! The reality is that

the last few years were the 'validation' years. We spent that time laying

groundwork and 'figuring things out'. We spent that time getting our arms

around this gorilla...it was our learning curve. In the 'early days' we had virtually

no tools. We had a few DVDs, some brochures (in the very first weeks we only

had a photocopy of the 'new' brochure!) and a lot of faith and hope. Through it

all...we made it happen. Now we collect on that investment.

So, why this particular headline? Because it truly reflects what we're all about. In

this year, we learn to focus on the opportunity. We learn to lead with the dream.

Becoming a millionaire is a reality with this opportunity - so why not share it in

that fashion? All you need to do is know the numbers and then put the

numbers in place....in other words: Get to work! However, that is where we hit

our major stumbling block. Where you to ask the people you know if they want to

be a millionaire they will answer "Yes!". How many of them will take the steps

necessary to achieve that goal are painfully few. They don't realize that only place

"Success" occurs before "Work" is in the dictionary! The minute the going gets

tough (if they join the business), the moment they encounter an objection...they

turn tail and run. They think this can't possibly work. If they don't hold ground

and quit, they will never hit their goal. Not here. Not anywhere. They did not

follow the game plan....

So, how do we become millionaires in the months and years ahead? Once again,

by knowing the numbers...and working to follow our tired and true concept of

"Failing Your Way to Success"...with a twist! Here's how:

Once again, YOU take responsibility for your role in this equation. If you REALLY

want to become a millionaire, this year, next year, YOU must work to make the

first 2 levels of this happen. Then share the concept from that point forward and

let nature take it's course. Can I give you a guarantee? YES! I can 100% guarantee

that NOTHING will happen if you just sit there. If you make a solid, DEDICATED

EFFORT you will enjoy some measure of success.


[This is just 1 part of the Autoship, the Autoship program itself is just 1 of the 3 main ways we get paid with the 3 part Hybrid plan]


The numbers:

Level 1...YOU enroll 10 new Business Builders (each of them working toward 10 BBs)


Level 2...THEY enroll 10 BB each (following the same criteria as well)


Level 3...Those only enroll 5 BB each....and the duplication continues to unravel..


Level 4...They only enroll 3 BB each...


Levels 5, 6 &7..they ONLY enroll 2 each....



So what does all this look like? Let's see-


Level 1.........10 (who each enroll 10)


Level 2........100 (who each enroll 5)


Level 3.......500 (who each enroll 3)


Level 4.......1500 (who each enroll 2)


Level 5......3000 (2 each)


Level 6.....6000..(2 each)


Level 7....12,000...


Total....23,110 AutoShip Business Builders


Now this is just 1 part of the 3 main ways to get paid!


I have shown US Dollars and UK Sterling to simplify.

So what does all this translate to in income- have a look!


AutoShip income... 23,110   x $3.08/£2.10 bottle


$71,178/£48,531 per month..just on Auto Ship..


Which all totals out as follows:

Total Income.......$71,178/£48,531...Per Month = $854,136/£582,372 PER YEAR...on 1

bottle Autoship! Imagine if these folks order 2 bottles?!



Don't imagine let me show you..


Total Income.......$142,356/£97,062...Per Month = $1,708,272/£1,164,744 PER YEAR...on 2

bottle Autoship!  I personally use 3-4 bottles a month.


Is this possible? ABSOLUTELY!! Can you do it? Yes..if you truly want to and put

in the effort to do it. If you allow NOTHING to stop you, if you keep going when

there is nothing left you...yes...you can do it. I believe in you and I know you can

do it! There are people in our organization that currently earn this (and more)

each month in other companies. Why are they here with us? Because there is

more income to be earned than where they presently are involved with. They are

here because we have a better product...a better opportunity..a better story.

So, what now? Now, in 2010, we get cranking. We go back and talk to everyone

we already spoke to. We speak to new people....we dream bigger dreams and we

go for it. I have made up my mind to go for the BIG NUMBERS...and I can't do it

alone. I can only do it if I help you do it too. That's kind of neat when you think

about it! You can't throw a party alone!

This is our year...this is when it all comes together...

See you at the top!